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Truesize helps fashion businesses to learn how bodies of people really are. With a simple scanvideo made by any mobile device, the truesize KI measures exact 3d body data. That´s more convenient than measurements made by 3d stationarys and more exact than common measurements made by hand. Doing so, we are able to collect scans from tenthousands of different people on different continents in shortest time possible. 

Making Smart Data out of that Big Data is the second step: Our member companies get insights into up-to-date scan-data, comparisons to their clothing collection sizes, fine adjustet sizing charts with new "Truesize sizes" and so on. Doing so, E-Commerce 

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Everyfit´s vision is to disrupt the fashion industry with bringing the best possible retail experience to the consumer. The company is taking the insights from Truesize and turns them into a  perfect fit for everyone.

After a simple scan with any mobilephone, the consumer gets advice on the perfect size - out of ca. 20 variations. That fine adjustet sizing charts helps to prevent returns and improves the wearing comfort. 

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